The Mind’s Torture

Moments pass and words are lost,
Memories fade and feelings cost.

Forgotten treasures bound by time,
Future measures, unforgiven crime.

Mysteries uncovered in the dark,
Magnetic tendencies creating sparks.

Lips whisper limitless tales,
Lusting over precious details.

Dancing in a dimmed light,
Damning all that’s brought to life.

Twisting the knife deeper still,
Torturous truths slowly revealed.

Coughing on emptiness held inside,
Contagious demands filled with pride.

Screams of torment no longer heard,
Seductive temptation gently stirred.

Buried deep and hidden within,
Bound by guilt of living with sin.

Caged inside an unnamed jail,
Caught forever in an endless hell.

photo credit: thelearningcurvedotca Backyard Flowers In Black And White 28 via photopin (license)

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