Starting Over

The darkness devoured her as she took steps down a path she believed to be correct. With each step she began to sink into the darkness. It swallowed her as she glided along until she was no longer gliding, but trudging through the murkiness. Each step became heavier and each breath harder as the light dimmed.

Her fear began to rise, but she did not slow. She continued moving forward as sharp edges caressed her skin, ripping and tearing at her soft flesh. Tears filled her eyes for the illusion of a dream not meant to be, finally became real.

The realization that the dream she had been searching for was nothing more than a nightmare tearing at her sanity. It was pulling her innermost insecurities to the surface and laughing as she struggled to move forward.

Her breathing was no longer calm and smooth, but shallow and ragged. She had lost herself, lost everything that she was along the path to becoming what she thought she wanted, needed, and had to be.

The blood and tears shed along the way were now lost forever in the darkness. Into the bottomless pit of agony she was suffering through, but she had options. She knew she could always turn around and take a different path. However, taking a different path meant she had to face the fact that her decision, her dreams, had all been wrong. That what she had been working toward lead her to this very moment, this painful, heartbreaking moment of realization.

Lost and broken she pushed her way back toward light, knowing that even though it might not be the same as before, it could still save her. Beyond her pride and her dreams, she faced the reality that what she thought she wanted was killing her. Ripping the breathe from her lungs and feeding on her sanity. As each day passed she struggled and the exhaustion of the struggle had broken her.

So as a broken person she reached for the light, for help to guide her back to the right path, to the one that will help heal her and make her whole again. For not every moment can be a good one, but with each moment we can learn and grow, we can make better choices, and we can enjoy what is yet to come.


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